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Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast

Every week Sarah Beth Hunt and Clay Lowe meet over coffee to talk about matters of conscious living and practical wisdom.  We don’t profess to be gurus on these matters, just two people who believe in the power of conversation to find new insights and gain greater understanding of the world.  Please feel free to join in the conversation.  Together we can all grow in wisdom.

Nov 20, 2017

The idea of one’s Life Purpose can be tricky. Many of the supposed self-help gurus will tell us that we have one, or that we need to find one. And there are times when we believe them. Times when finding our greater purpose feels necessary. Yet other times — perhaps more often — the idea can feel like too much pressure. With so much choice of what to do with our time and our work, we are easily dragged in many directions and are left feeling a lack of any Higher Purpose directing our lives.

In this week’s episode, Clay and Sarah discuss whether we have a higher purpose — and if so, whether everyone’s higher purpose is the same, or whether it is as individual as we are.


In this episode: 

* Eckhart Tolle’s distinction between Inner and Outer Purpose

Areas of purpose: to serve others, to make a mark on the world, to find Truth (spiritual, scientific etc.), to be Happy, to simply Be & the potential that there is No Higher Purpose

Why some people feel clear about their higher purpose while others do not

* How our higher purpose might be linked with our Values

Aspirational aspects of higher purpose - what we would like to be or do