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Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast

Every week Sarah Beth Hunt and Clay Lowe meet over coffee to talk about matters of conscious living and practical wisdom.  We don’t profess to be gurus on these matters, just two people who believe in the power of conversation to find new insights and gain greater understanding of the world.  Please feel free to join in the conversation.  Together we can all grow in wisdom.

Feb 25, 2018

A social contract refers to a common understanding among a group of people on acceptable ways of behaving. It is a way of theorising how and why we have laws, codes of conduct, and social norms. Yet what we believe about our essential human nature has a direct influence on how we imagine our social contract.

This week...

Feb 18, 2018

This week Clay and Sarah debate the usefulness as well as the problems of Utopian thinking and ask whether we need visions of Utopia.

Feb 11, 2018

In this episode, we explore Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

Feb 4, 2018

Have you ever thought about an old friend you haven’t seen in years and then bumped into them shortly after? Have you ever known something you couldn’t have known — that someone in your family had been hurt or had died? Have you ever been recommended the same book by several different people that came at just the...