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Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast

Every week Sarah Beth Hunt and Clay Lowe meet over coffee to talk about matters of conscious living and practical wisdom.  We don’t profess to be gurus on these matters, just two people who believe in the power of conversation to find new insights and gain greater understanding of the world.  Please feel free to join in the conversation.  Together we can all grow in wisdom.

Jan 29, 2017

Can we have 'good' without 'bad'?

Can we understand what is 'right' without defining what is 'wrong'?

The answer lies in our tendency as humans to perceive the world in terms of binaries...our way of defining things in opposition to other things.  This tendency is known as Dualism and it forms the basis of some of our...

Jan 22, 2017

We've all heard the catch-phrase - Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.

But if we don't know where we're trying to go, what we're aiming for in life, how will we decide which way to go?

This is the question for this week's Havana Session's Podcast, where Clay and Sarah discuss which is more important - Direction or...

Jan 16, 2017

What do books mean to you?  What books have most shaped YOUR life?

Some books have a way of sticking with us, over the years.  There are some books that we always seem to come back to, scenes or messages that come to mind during difficult times or when we must make tough choices.

Jan 8, 2017

What makes a good New Year's Resolution? And how do people successfully keep their resolutions?

In this episode, Clay and Sarah sit on opposite sides of the table, drinking their coffee and debating the big question facing everyone this time of year - 'To Resolve, or Not to Resolve...?'