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Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast

Every week Sarah Beth Hunt and Clay Lowe meet over coffee to talk about matters of conscious living and practical wisdom.  We don’t profess to be gurus on these matters, just two people who believe in the power of conversation to find new insights and gain greater understanding of the world.  Please feel free to join in the conversation.  Together we can all grow in wisdom.

Jul 8, 2019

This week, Sarah returns back to the studio, and with her, she brought an interesting topic.

Do you ever get the feeling that something is not quite right with the world? This feeling sometimes manifests itself in the form of dissatisfaction, anxiety, or existential dread. But is this dissatisfaction inherent? Well, that's exactly what Sarah and I dive into for episode #139.

In our open-ended casual style, we examine the topic through a variety of lenses from Samsara ("wandering through, flowing on", in the sense of "aimless and directionless wandering"), to Stoicism, The Matrix, and our own personal life experiences.